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Photo tour of Port Moresby Emergency Department


  • 5 sections of Port Moresby Emergency Department
    • Triage / Waiting room / Fast Track
      • Triage nurse present 8am to 4pm, No triage nurse 4pm onwards !
      • Out of hours it is resident or registrar that does triage
      • Either see and discharge, or send to resus or send to B section
    • A section: Resus room x1, Resus Bays x 3, Acute beds x7
      • Procedure room
      • No computers
      • Wall oxygen, suction, ECG machine, ultrasound machine
      • Patients buy their own exercise books to write notes
    • B section
      • Short stay unit x 10 beds
      • Can be >4 day waiting for bed
    • C Section “Isolation Area”
      • Isolation area
      • aka DITO ward (Dirty, Infectious, Tb, Others (eg HIV))
    • Corridor
      • Waiting area for stable patients awaiting ward bed – up to 2 day wait
      • Psych and social worker room
      • Examination rooms x2
      • Snake bite room
  • Current equipment in Port Moresby Emergency Department:
    • Defibrillators x2
    • ECG machine x2
    • Oxylog 3000+ and Oxylog 2000 ventilators
    • 2 cardiac monitors
    • 2 sats probes
    • Ultrasound machine (1980s)

Photo tour of Modilon Hospital, Madang

Modilon hospital, front entrance, May 2013

Modilon hospital, front entrance, May 2013

Photo tour of Kwikila District Hospital


In Feb 2013 Dr Desmond Aisi (ED consultant at Port Moresby) kindly took two emergency registrars (Mark Trembath & Zafar Smith) on a visit to Kwikila District Hospital which is 1 hours drive outside of Port Moresby. They met senior nurse Rhoda Selapui who gave them a tour of Kwikila Hospital.

Sister Rhoda Selapui – Community Nurse, Kwikila District Hospital

Sister Rhoda Selapui – Community Nurse at Kwikila District Hospital from EmergencyMedicinePNG on Vimeo.

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