Welcome to the “Emergency Medicine PNG” website!

We hope you find this resource helpful in your endeavours.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE WEBSITE OF THE PNG MEDICAL BOARD, please do not send correspondence requesting medical registration information. This is a personal website, without endorsement by any government agency.

The aim of this website is

  • to help promote emergency medicine in Papua New Guinea
  • by providing detailed information to assist
  • emergency doctors from Australia / NZ / overseas who want to
  • work in a PNG emergency department.

Target audience is

  • Emergency Registrars / Consultants
  • Other specialty Doctors (General Medicine, ICU, Anaesthetics, GP…)
  • Interns / Residents / Med students
  • Nurses / Medical staff
  • from Australia / NZ / overseas
  • that want to work for short / long periods of time
  • in a PNG emergency department

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