Why PNG?

Watch and read about 6 reasons to come to PNG to experience emergency medicine.

1. Video Testimonials

Click here to watch video testimonials from visiting emergency doctors and physicians describing why they love the PNG emergency experiencetestimonial thumbnail

2. Fantastic case mix

Click here to see photos and videos of cases that present to emergency departments in PNG

3. Great team

 Click here to meet some of the local staff and hear their stories

IMG_2207 tour department (3)

4. Consultant Supervision

Click here to read more about the level of supervision available in different emergency departments in PNG

IMG_2207 tour department (7)

5. Structured teaching programs

Click here to see examples of teaching programs in PNG emergency departments

IMG_2309 teaching (2)

6. Related Articles

Click here to read published articles in journals and newsletters about emergency medicine experiences in PNG


General PNG Information

For more general information about Papua New Guinea – click here



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