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All people wishing to travel to Papua New Guinea for work, business, study or tourism purposes must have an entry permit/Visa to enter the country.


There are two ways to get a PNG visa:

1. Apply in your own country of residence by contacting your local PNG high commission (takes a few months)

2. Purchasing a visitors visa on arrival in Jackson’s Airport for K100 (takes 5 minutes) that will last 60 days


Countries allowed to obtain VISA on arrival

  1. All Pacific countries
  2. All Western European countries
  3. All Americans
  4. New Zealanders
  5. Australians

All countries not allowed to obtain Visas on arrival:

  1. All Eastern European countries
  2. All South East Asian countries (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc)
    Except for Philippines, and Malaysia
  3. All African countries
  4. All Middle East countries



Accommodation is one of the biggest barriers that stops doctors from visiting PNG. It can be very difficult to find safe and affordable accommodation, particularly in Port Moresby, and especially if you are staying for more than a few weeks. Hotel and Guest House rooms can cost from AUS$150 to $500 PER NIGHT.

In Port Moresby some possible options for accommodation are:

  • University of PNG Hospital Campus Accommodation – currently being organised by ED director Dr Sam Yockopua in liaison with the University of PNG
  • Shady Rest Hotel is located across the road from Port Moresby General Hospital. Costs AUS $350-550 per night.
  • Hotel Hodava provides single rooms / serviced apartments and is conveniently located across the road from Port Moresby General Hospital. Costs AUS$100-200 per night.
  • The AVRU snakebite project may have a room available at certain times of the year for visiting medical professionals
  • The Wellness Eco Lodge is a relatively new guest house / hostel like accommodation located in East Boroko. Costs AUS$100 per night.
  • Australian Volunteers International may be able to provide accommodation if doctors are involved in their health projects


In Madang if you are working at Modilon Hospital Emergency Department some possible options for accommodation are:

  • Divine Word University Campus – house for doctors working under the Visiting Clinical lecturer program


Website with list of hotels in PNG:



Security is a major concern in Port Moresby. The capital city of PNG has been listed as the “second most unlivable city in the world” (after Dhaka, Bangladesh) according to a survey by “The Economist”. As a visitor to Port Moresby, extreme care needs to be taken when travelling around the city. It is advised not to travel at night if possible, and to always travel with a local escort.



Security in the country areas of Papua New Guinea is generally less of a problem, with local people being very friendly and hospitable to overseas visitors.

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