Orientation Book for Overseas Doctors Visiting POM ED

This page is in development.

It currently contains a list of ideas to include in an orientation resource for overseas doctors visiting Port Moresby ED.

  • Orientation Book for Overseas doctors visiting POM ED
    • Create a medical orientation book for ACEM registrars to download and print that can be carried around in pocket: (print using Jamil’s Nuprint, use redcliffe RED book / PICU word document cardiac guidelines / Redcliffe ICU pdf orientation as templates)
    • Mention can be overwhelming amount of patients and apparent chaos, just enjoy it, do your best, ask for help
    • Registrar teaching: tues and fri mornings 9am for 1 hr, but not enough cover thus short time
    • Contain POM ED protocals
      • Standard treatment guidelines book
      • snake bite protocol, antivenom delivery,
      • list of free drugs from pharmacy,
      • local antibiotic guidelines (adult standard treatment guidelines)
      • TB and malaria management
      • DKA
    • Parking – where to park car in hospital
    • Dress code in POM Gen Hospital ED: white lab coat, black shoes, can wear scrubs or shirt / pants, ID badge
    • Pharmacy Script writing: in order to write scripts in POM ED and get the medications collected from the Hospital pharmacy need to visit pharmacy dispensary 1st floor (knock on backdoor, not front window)and give a sample of your signature to Bella (pharmacy technician), take letter of invitation from ED Sam Yockopua or medical registration
    • Supervision for Registrars: always 2 consultants on the floor during dayshift 8-4pm, 1 consultant from 4pm to 10pm, 1 consultant on call overnight
    • Roster sample with no names:
      • 5 consultants with 2 on day shift 8am-4pm, 1 on evening shift 2pm – 10pm, 1 oncall overnight
      • 12 Registrars with 3 on dayshift 8am-4pm, 1 on midday shift 12pm to 8pm, 2 on evening 4pm – Midnight, 2 on nights Midnight to 8am
      • 5 Residents with 1 per shift day, evening, night
    • Standard Treatment Guidelines book / therapeutic guidelines – copy from Wimary Bariamu Pharmacy Store room POM Gen hospital or Dept of health department level 2 southwing Aopi Centre
    • Drip infusions – no syringe drivers so use “drops per minute”, 13 drops = 1ml in IV giving set, 60 drops = 1 ml in paeds burette
    • Blood tests – physically walk out of department to lab, then physically walk back after several hours to get print out of results from lab reception, No computers in ED
    • CT scan – only one available, so pay per service K200/scan
    • Mention although Aust registrar, the PNG med students may have done more procedures and intubations then you, in general have had more procedural experience, thus keep humble and open mind about learning
    • Basic pidgin phrases

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