Travel vaccines and Malaria Prophylaxis

Prior to travelling to Papua New Guinea, it is best to seek up to date medical advice from your local GP or travel doctor.


Travel Vaccines:

  • Tetanus / polio / MMR / Hep B = standard.
  • Hep A / Typhoid / Cholera = PNG essential.
  • Yellow fever / Japanese encephalitis = Non essential for PNG
  • Tb / BCG = only effective at preventing TB meningitis in children <5yrs, not recommended for adult travellers


Malaria Prophylaxis:

– check with your local GP or travel doctor, however common regimes:

  • Doxycycline – daily dose, cheap, effective, but caution sun sensitivity / pregnancy
  • Malarone – daily dose, expensive, used in paediatrics and pregnancy
  • Mefloquine – weekly dose, caution mental health interaction


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