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Here you will find information for Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) trainees wanting to complete terms in PNG.

You will first need to consider if the term can be accredited or not toward your training requirements.  Terms in PNG are classed as Special Skills Category T terms.

Determining if you are eligible to have your term accredited

The ACEM Training Handbook under Elements of Training – Prior Approval and college regulation 4.11 Overseas Training will help you to determine if you are eligible to have your overseas term accredited toward your training requirements.

Interruption to training

If you are not eligible to apply for an overseas Special Skills Category T Term then you will need to enter your term into the Online Training Assessment (OTA) system as an interruption to training.

To determine if you can take an interruption to training please review ACEM Regulation 4.5/15 Interruption of Training

Terms longer than 6 months require the approval of the Board of Education and can only be entered into the OTA by an ACEM staff member.  Please complete the CF171 Interruption to Training form and email it to the Training Manager, Andrea Athanaileas: if your term will be for longer than 6 months.

Seeking accreditation for your PNG term toward your training requirements

If you are eligible to apply for an overseas accredited Special Skills Category T term then you will need to follow the college procedure below:

1. Apply for prior approval

As you are applying for an overseas term you are required to seek prior approval from the college before commencing the term.

You will need to complete the TA157 Application for Prior Approval Form

And the Special Skills Term Information Questionnaire (SSTIQ) form

Points to consider in your application

Your application is more likely to be approved if you can:

  • Show a good supervision and reporting structure:
    A model that has worked well is to have a direct supervisor at the hospital you are working at and an Australasian DEMT that you report back to on a regular basis while you are completing your term.  It is also important to include the CV’s of all supervisors and DEMTs that will be supervising you.

  • Have detailed learning objectives:
    Detailed learning objectives will help to determine how relevant the term is for your EM training.

  • Sample Roster:
    It is important to ensure that you can supply a sample roster as this is also used to determine if the term is relevant for your EM training.

2. Submitting Your Application

Submit your application to the Training Manager, Andrea Athanaileas:  no less than one month prior to commencing your term.

Your term will not be accredited toward your training requirements if your application is received after you have commenced your term.

Contact Us

Please contact the ACEM staff directly for more information or if you are unsure if you are eligible to apply for an overseas Special Skills Category T term:

Andrea Athanaileas – Training Manager:

Sarah Smith – Administration Officer for IEMSIG:


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