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There are 6 steps to gaining Medical Registration to work in Papua New Guinea:


1. Print out and complete the following 3 forms from the board website (caution: there have been malware warnings recently from this site… but you can still download files from links below)

 TIP 1: for the section requesting a “Certificate of Good Standing” from your home country of practice —> previous Australian Emergency Trainees have successfully used their “AHPRA medical registration certificate” as adequate proof.

TIP 2: for the section requesting “2 reference letters” —> previous Australasian Emergency trainees have successfully used printouts of their last two Online Training Assessments (OTAs) from their last two DEMTs to fulfil this requirement.

2. Sign statutory declaration section of practitioners registration form (printed from above) via Justice of the peace in Australia or overseas


3. Send all requested documents on registration checklist to

PO Box 841 Pt Moresby
AOPI Centre 2nd Floor Waigani, PT MORESBY Ph:  +675  301 3813

Please note that the email addresses listed on the PNG Medical Council website (namely:, do not seem to be working and give an automatic bounce-back email.


4. Pay appropriate fees as delineated on the registration forms, payment made to the PNG medical Board via the finance office:

  • K3 (AUS$1.50) for Temporary Registration – if practicing up to 90 days in PNG.
  • K20 (AUS$10) for Full Registration – if practicing medicine for >90 days in PNG.


5. Wait for anywhere between 7 weeks to 18 months for processing.


6. Follow up by calling either

  • Sister Pou (head administrator) at the Medical Council of PNG on +675 3013784
  • or Mr Bevin Orari (Medical Council Registrar) on +675 3013813, or email
  • or phone the hospital switchboard +675 301 3601/3634 and asked for the Medical Board

Sample Medical Practice Certificate

Sample letter from Medical Board of PNG with Registrar contact business card on bottom right


TIP: Another suggestion after gaining registration and finishing your time in PNG is to get a letter from your ED supervisor in PNG or a letter from the Medical Board (more difficult) that states you have not broken any laws in PNG or been charged with medical malpractice. This will aid you in the future if you ever require written proof from PNG to give to another medical council. For example if you are applying for registration in Australia under AHPRA you will need written evidence from every country you have practiced medicine in stating that you have not had any legal proceedings against you for malpractice.


Sample letter from ED supervisor on departure from PNG

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